Hard bounce vs. soft bounce

Intro If you’ve been sending out email newsletters for a certain period, eventually you’ll encounter an email bounce which is when your recipient’s email server rejects your email for various reasons. Those reasons can be categorized into 2 categories which are hard bounces and soft bounces. By looking at the […]

How to import email list from HubSpot

HubSpot MailboxValidator’s integration with HubSpot provides users a very simple way to import their email list into MailboxValidator for verification and then return the results back to HubSpot. Getting started First of all, you need to have an account in HubSpot and also MailboxValidator. So head on to the sign up page […]

Quick checklist to improve email deliverability

Intro There are many factors that will affect your email deliverability so always remember to run through the list below before you commence any email marketing campaign. If you use the checklist below, you can minimize your bounce rate and save costs on your email sending.   Keep it double […]

MailboxValidator Mobile App

Intro We have recently introduced our MailboxValidator mobile app for the Android and iOS platforms. This free tool can quickly validate an email address without the need to sign up or register for anything.   Credits to perform queries This app works on the simple concept of credits. Each credit […]

Strategies for higher customer retention

Intro Attracting new customers is great for growing your business but for true business longevity, you also need to focus on customer retention. Do not underestimate the power of repeat customers. They are the ones who actually make or break your business. This article will delve into some of the […]

Utilizing social media to boost email signup

Intro Ask anyone on the streets and there will be a very high chance that they are using some form of social media. This means that social media can play a big role in helping you gain more subscribers for your mailing list. This article will explore a few of […]

Avoiding common pitfalls in email marketing campaigns

Intro Although anyone can perform an email marketing campaign, there are some pitfalls that you need to be aware of to make your campaign a success. After all, you want good returns on your investment in the campaign. The article will address some of the common pitfalls that would negatively […]

Types of spam traps and how to avoid them

Intro The life of an email marketer is tough because numbers don’t lie. If you don’t do your job properly, you will find your email marketing campaign reaching fewer and fewer people. Less people translates to lower revenue. When you see your open rate dropping below your normal threshold, you […]