Configuring Sender Policy Framework

Intro Sender Policy Framework (SPF) is simple whitelist of IP addresses that are allowed to send emails for a particular domain. This entails configuring a TXT record in the DNS entries. SPF is one of the ways to reduce spam from forged email addresses. The importance of this feature is […]

Protecting yourself from backscatter spam

Intro Backscatter spam is also known as bounce back spam. The reason it is called bounce back spam is because someone has sent out spam emails by forging your email address as the sender. When the target of the spam does not exist or his spam protection system rejects the […]

What is Bayesian spam filtering?

Intro Bayesian spam filtering is a statistical method of detecting spam emails based on Bayes’ theorem to calculate the probability that an email is actually a spam email. Most spam filters today such as SpamAssassin uses Bayesian filtering.   Bayes’ theorem In probability theory and statistics, Bayes’ theorem (alternatively Bayes’ […]

Why are my emails bouncing back?

Email bounce is not always avoidable during an email campaign Anyone who has ever sent out a large amount of emails for newsletters or promotional purposes will know about bounced emails. Whenever you are dealing with a huge mailing list with thousands of email addresses, it is inevitable that you […]

How to create a simple email blaster using VB.NET

Creating a simple email blaster When you perform email marketing, you will be sending out large quantities of emails to perhaps thousands of recipients. Doing this in a normal email client like Microsoft Outlook is a very tedious process. That’s why most people will either use an email blaster program […]

How to fix common CSV data formatting issues

Wrong field delimiters ISSUE: A CSV file contains data that consists of a bunch of fields separated by a comma and optionally enclosed by double-quotes, hence the name Comma-Separated-Values or CSV. Due to the lack of an actual standard for CSV formatting, some programs may opt to use semi-colons instead […]

Using infographics in email marketing

Email marketing has been used for years. How has it grown over the years? Everyone knows that email marketing will never die, but it is changing. However, it is still very much alive and kicking marketing campaign in engaging customers and subscribers. It is still a very powerful tool in […]

How to generate leads by cold emailing

Cold email marketing is a method for reaching out to potential prospects who merely know you or your company through emails. Cold emailing is one of the least used methods of networking because most people don’t know how to manage the campaign with a prospect who have no prior connection. […]

5 Templates for sales follow-up email

Every marketers spending time to built their email list, analyze and study the customers’ behaviors, prepare personalized email content and juicy headline, validate email lists and sent out a dozen sales emails. But who has the time or resources to follow up on every lead? Surprisingly, study found out that […]