Regular expression validation for email address

Intro Online marketers rely heavily on email marketing campaigns to boost revenue for their businesses. A marketing campaign is considered a success if most of the emails are delivered and read by their audience. Therefore, marketers need to validate email list every once in a while because email addresses become […]

To reduce bounce: Use the bulk or the API?

Intro Email validation is the process of making sure an email address is valid because it’s important to reduce bounce rate when sending an email campaign. Besides that, email validation can be used during account signups on websites to ensure that the user signs up with a valid email address. […]

Promotion for Black Friday & Cyber Monday 2021

Intro Hello everyone!! We hope everyone is hanging in there. It’s been a challenging couple of years for everyone so we at MailboxValidator would like to give you all some good news. Our promotion for this year’s Black Friday & Cyber Monday is back!! This year, we have a new […]

Ways to build your mailing list effectively

Intro For a business to thrive, you need to have a relationship with your customers. One of the best ways to maintain your relationship with your clients are the use of email newsletters. That means you need to build your mailing list with people who are interested in what you […]

Is it bad to email a catch-all address?

Intro MailboxValidator has a field in our validation result which is the is_catchall that is used to indicate if the email address being validated is of the catch-all type. We have had our users asking why an email marked as a catch-all is showing as verified but actually incur a […]

Valid email address incurring bounce

Intro Let’s assume you are a model email marketer. You have built your mailing list via double opt-in and you respect unsubscribe requests. Last but not least, you have also validated your email list with the MailboxValidator service and only send emails to those email addresses marked as valid. Imagine […]

What happens when you get flagged as a spammer?

Intro Running a modern business these days require the use of emails for communication and promotions. You need to be aware that you run the risk of being flagged as a spammer, especially if you send out promotional newsletters via emails. What are the signs that you have potentially been […]