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Role-based Email Validation

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Role-based email addresses are typically not intended for personal use but often managed by several people in a particular department within a company. They are usually defined by a job function rather than a person, and are designed to target people with a specific administrative role, sometimes referred to as a distribution list. For example, an email addressed to support@ might be distributed to a number of people in the support department.

Role-based email address
Role-based email address description

Role-based addresses is important as most of the companies are using it as a communication channel to collect incoming emails such as complaints, issue directives, and take care of specific functions. They are not likely to grant their consent to receive marketing emails. It could also create some unforeseen issues for marketers because these types of addresses are associated with high bounce rates, low response rates and high opt-out rate. When the role-based emails are sent with marketing content, they are commonly blocked by email providers and it can trigger spam complaints which will affect email deliverability rates. Many email marketing systems will flag role-based emails as “High Risk” because sending to these email addresses most probably will lead to poorer campaign performace because most of the emails will be deleted or marked as spam.

MailboxValidator Role-based Email Validation is a free service to identify whether an email address is a role-based type email address or not. This is essential especially to minimize the email bounce rate and maintaining your good sender reputation. On the other hand, if you would like to perform a comprehensive email validation, please try the Email Validation Demo.

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