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MailChimp Integration with MailboxValidator


Mailchimp is a very popular marketing automation platform and email marketing service that focuses on healthy contact management practices, beautifully designed campaigns, and powerful data analysis. This article was made to guide you through a simple integration process that will allow you to easily remove invalid email address and clean your email list in MailChimp with MailboxValidator email validation services.

Get Started

First of all, you need to have an account in MailChimp and also MailboxValidator. So head on to the sign up page and register for one. Once you have done this, you’ll need to upload your email list in MailChimp.

Enable Integration

  1. Once your email list in MailChimp is ready, login to your MailboxValidator dashboard then “INTEGRATION” and select “MailChimp” from the side menu.

  2. MailboxValidator MailChimp
  3. If you do not setup MailChimp integration before, a message “You do not have an integration to MailChimp. Do you want to set up an integration now?” will be shown. Click the 'Yes' button to redirect to MailChimp’s login page.

  4. MailboxValidator MailChimp
  5. Login into your account with your MailChimp credentials.

  6. MailboxValidator MailChimp
  7. When you have logged in successfully, you should see “You have successfully logged in to MailChimp. You may proceed to import MailChimp lists for validations. You will be redirect to import your MailChimp contact lists in 5 seconds. Alternatively, you can click the below link to start import your MailChimp contact lists.” then click on “Go to import page.” to see your MailChimp lists.

Validate Emails

  1. When you are in the MailChimp import page, choose the list that you want to import, then click on “Import & Validate”.

  2. MailboxValidator MailChimp
  3. You shall see a message like this, “Your list will be processed and MailChimp will be updated automatically.”

  4. Go to the Bulk Plan page and click on Bulk Validation, you can see the progress. Please note that the validation process may not start immediately as all bulk validation tasks are put into a queue and processed in the order that they were queued up. Rest assured, your validations will be processed when you have reached your turn in the queue.

  5. MailboxValidator MailChimp
  6. Once the progress showed 100%, you’ve completed validation and the analyzed result will be updated at MailChimp. You can download the result straight from MailboxValidator dashboard or go back to your MailChimp account. You will also be notified via email when the validation is done.

  7. MailboxValidator MailChimp
  8. Don’t be surprised to see some emails in your list being marked as Unsubscribed as those are invalid emails.

  9. MailboxValidator MailChimp

Get Started & Clean Your Email List

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