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General Questions

MailboxValidator service allows you to check email address validity to reduce the number of undelivered mails. Inevitably, this will improve your email delivery success rate and reduce your bad email reputation which may result in your email address being blacklisted.
No, we are not going to send email to the recipient email address. We just test the connection using the SMTP server.
We are regret that we do not offer refund for the service.
Yes, our system is able to validate Yahoo email addresses.
Yes, our system is able to validate Hotmail email addresses.
Role-based emails are emails like, or which may turn out to be a mailing list with multiple recipients. These email addresses are commonly rejected by email sending providers due to the fact that not everyone on the recipient list may have opted to receive your emails.
You can access your validation results for up to 1 year after validation.
MailboxValidator connects to the SMTP servers in real-time for validation purposes. Sometimes, the mail servers are very busy and takes a while to respond to commands. Hence, the longer time taken to process the email validation.

Bulk Plan Questions

Yes. You can upload the list to our portal for processing.
Absolutely yes! You can try out our service at Demo. Or sign up for a free trial account to fully test out our service.
Yes, the credits are only valid for 30 days from the date of purchase.
The credits will be summed up with a new expiry date based on the latest purchase. For example, suppose you have 433 credits which will be expired on 24-Sep-2019, and you buy another 500 queries plan on 22-Sep-2019. You new credits will now be 933 with the new expiry date on 21-Oct-2019.

API Plan Questions

Yes, we do have a REST API for individual email validation. See our Single Validation API page for more info.
Absolutely yes! You can sign up for our free API plan which gives you up to 300 validations every 30 days.
MailboxValidator will automatically replenish your credits by renewing your subscribed plan upon running out of credits. This is to ensure that your API works at all times without any interruption due to insufficient credits. Only applies to paid API plan.
Yes, MailboxValidator will send you an email notification when you have 10% credits left calculated based on your subscribed plan.
No. You can only have 1 API plan under one account. However, you can easily upgrade to a higher plan if you need more credits.
You can login to your account area, and upgrade your plan on your API page. MailboxValidator will only upgrade your plan on your next renewal date.
You can login to your account area, and downgrade your plan on the API page. MailboxValidator will only downgrade your plan on your next renewal date.
You can login to your account area, and unsubscribe your plan on the API page. Your API account will be disabled with immediate effect.
You will need to obtain an invitation code from a paid API user who has subscribed to the API-15 plan or higher. The paid user can see the invitation codes in his account after login under the "INVITE API-FREE+" section. During the sign up process for the API-FREE+ plan, you will need to key in the invitation code.
No, we don't support CORS for security reason. You will need to call the API from your backend (webserver) instead of the frontend (JavaScript).

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