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MailboxValidator Integromat


Integromat automates workflows between MailboxValidator and many common apps so you don't have to do any coding to easily pass data back and forth between MailboxValidator and your other apps.

Validating email addresses the Integromat way

All you have to do is create scenario or use pre-created ones in the list below to extract data from your apps and send them to MailboxValidator for validation. Then the results can be saved back into your apps.

Some of the ready-made templates to help you get started

Cleanup MailChimp subscribers using MailboxValidator

Validate emails from Google Forms Submissions using MailboxValidator and adding them to a Google Sheet

Create HubSpot CRM contacts from Custom Webhooks and adding them to lists after validating email with MailboxValidator

Validate email addresses from Gmail using MailboxValidator and adding their data to Google Sheets

Validate Emails in Trello Cards with MailboxValidator and move them to different lists