Benefits of validating email address upon signup

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The MailboxValidator bulk validation service is highly capable of filtering your mailing list of invalid emails. However, this is a manual process and if people are signing up for your mailing list on a regular basis, you could potentially end up with invalid emails during the period in between bulk validations.

This will happen if you operate a WordPress blog and you have a form which collects users’ email addresses for registration or contact purposes. It is recommended to implement email validation upon submission of such forms to prevent malicious signups or even just plain old typos.

MailboxValidator has the solution which is easy to use

You can easily mitigate this issue by using the MailboxValidator Email Validation plugin for WordPress. You do not need to learn any programming as it is a ready-made plugin which works within WordPress to prevent signup using free, disposable or invalid emails.

The plugin utilizes the MailboxValidator API plan which you can sign up for free with 300 validations every 30 days. Most blogs will not have that many signups on their forms each month so you should be adequately protected from bad emails. The best thing about this plugin is that it works by modifying the native is_email() function inside WordPress so any other plugins which call that function will have their email parameter validated by MailboxValidator.

Benefits of validating upon form submission

The most obvious benefit is protection from spammers. WordPress is notorious for comment spams or contact form spams. If you can validate the user’s email address when they signup or when they try to send you a message then they are less likely to abuse those features to leave spam messages advertising websites (a.k.a. spamvertising). Often, they will be using disposable emails or maybe even a non-existent email to perform the deed. With the MailboxValidator plugin, they will not be able to perform their annoying tasks.

Another common occurrence would be typos. Some users just don’t bother to check that they’ve typed the correct email address when they submit forms. Again, the plugin will block these submissions so you won’t end up with invalid emails on your mailing list.

Some blogs may offer a free download of something useful like an e-book which requires registering on the websites. Often people would just signup with a disposable email to get the free download. You as the blog owner will end up with a mailing list full of useless emails. A blog owner’s mailing list is the key revenue generator and when you have a list of unreachable emails, you have lost an opportunity to monetize the list. With the plugin, this is no longer an issue.


Since MailboxValidator offers a free API plan to use with the plugin, why not take advantage of this plugin to provide additional protection in between using our bulk validation service. You have all to gain and nothing to lose by deploying the MailboxValidator plugin in your WordPress blog.

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