COVID-19 emails DOs and DON’Ts

COVID-19 emails DOs and DON’Ts


With no sign of the COVID-19 pandemic ending any time soon, websites and businesses are busy sending out emails regarding the virus. Before you join the crowd and start sending out similar emails, you need to consider what your audience is going through. Most of them are scared and worried about their jobs & families so dealing with tons of emails all writing about the COVID-19 virus is the last thing they need.


Your business or website could be affected by the COVID-19 virus. Restrictions on movements and operating hours will necessitate changes to how you conduct your business. With that in mind, you can send out emails to inform your users or customers about these changes.

Give them useful information such as changes to store operation hours and social distancing measures in-store. For users under lockdown, you can provide guidelines for ordering a delivery of your products to their homes. Allay their fears and let them know you’re still able to provide your service to them.

Remind them of online facilities provided by your website such as prepaid mobile topups and bill payments. Anything to make their lives easier and get their basic day-to-day tasks done without leaving the safety of their homes.

Most importantly, keep it short and simple so you can easily get your points across. If you wish to get feedback on how to make things better for your customers, you could ask them to reply your emails with any useful suggestions.


Don’t send your audience COVID-19 information that is not relevant to your business or website. Anyone can copy and paste whatever they read online but it does not bring any benefit to your readers.

As a matter of fact, reading all the unnecessary info may just increase their stress levels. Worse if you actually include doom & gloom news about death and infections. Make it a point to avoid depressing stuff as what people need right now is hope.



Help your readers with important tips on using your services while staying safe from the virus. Let them know that together we’ll make it through this dark period.



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