How to stop disposable email sign up in WordPress


In today, many WordPress websites are utilizing the user registration feature to attract more visitors to become their regular users. Often, this is done with the help of some WordPress form building plugins such as JetPack, Formidable forms, and WooCommerce. From there, they can build connections with their users and interact with their users whenever they have updates on their WordPress website.

Also, there are many spammers that tend to use disposable email address to register and spam the websites. Sometimes those spammers used the disposable email addresses to commit online fraud. They will sign up for an online service, and after they used the service for few months they will perform a charge back on their credit card. Because they are using disposable email addresses, it makes it difficult for the WordPress websites owners to track as there are many disposable email address providers available for free.

To avoid fake sign up using disposable email address, the WordPress website owner can use various email validation plugins such as the MailboxValidator Email Validator plugin to block sign up from disposable email address. The MailboxValidator Email Validator plugin is designed to detect and verify the email address as valid, free or disposable email address. With this plugin, the WordPress website owner can easily block any user intending to sign up with a disposable email address.

Setup the MailboxValidator Email Validator plugin

To use this plugin, you will need to get a free API key from MailboxValidator, so go ahead to do so. After that, open the plugin settings page, and you will be required to enter the API key in the API key field. Next, under the API key field, you will see three different types of email validators, which are valid, disposable and free email validator. You will need to switch on or off for each email validator here. The usage of each email validators are described in below paragraph. After you have done the settings for each field, click the “Save Changes” button to keep your settings.

Valid email validator will validate the email address based on the status of the email address, disposable email validator will check whether the email address is coming from a disposable email address service provider or not, and the free email validator will check if the email address is coming from a free email address service provider or not. You will need to decide which validator to use depending on your needs.

Different outcomes will occur if one or more email validator been enabled. For example, if the disposable and free email validator are enabled at the same time, a disposable email address will not pass the check, however a free email address will also not pass the check. This is because the free email validator is enabled, so the form will block the email address if the plugin detected it is a free email address. If only the free email validator is enabled, a free email address will be blocked but a disposable email address may pass the check. This is because a disposable email service provider may not necessarily be equivalent to a free email service provider.

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