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We have recently introduced our MailboxValidator mobile app for the Android and iOS platforms. This free tool can quickly validate an email address without the need to sign up or register for anything.


Credits to perform queries

This app works on the simple concept of credits. Each credit enables you to perform 1 email validation. Upon installation, you’ll get 20 free credits. You can immediately use these 20 credits if you so wish. Upon finishing these 20 credits, you’ll have to wait another day to get another 5 free credits. As long as you have the app installed, you’ll get 5 free credits per day up till a maximum of 100 credits.


Validation results

The app will return some results like the below:

  • Verified Status
    • This is the summary to say if the email address is valid.
  • Domain Exist
    • This indicates if the mail server record exists in the DNS.
  • Server Down
    • This is the checking for non-responsive mail servers.
  • Free Email
    • This indicates if the email address is from a free email provider like Gmail.
  • Syntactically Correct
    • This indicates if the email address conforms to the standard email address format.
  • Disposable Email
    • This indicates if the email address if from a disposable email provider like Mailinator.
  • Contained High Risk Keyword
    • This indicates if the username part of the email contains keywords that make it risky to send them email like noreply.


Download the apps from the Play Store and the App Store

Android app for email validation
iOS app for email validation
After you have downloaded and tried out the app, please rate us so others can benefit from your wisdom. You can also leave a review to give us an unbiased view of your experience using our app.

For feedbacks and suggestions

As this is our first mobile app, we are starting small and we welcome any suggestions or feedbacks to make our app more useful. Feel free to contact us at with your thoughts.

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