Black Friday & Cyber Monday 2019 promotion

Black Friday & Cyber Monday 2019 promotion


Yay, it’s that time of the year for shopping and indulgence. As a merchant, you will need to scale up your email marketing campaigns to capitalize on this period. People have been waiting for the whole year for this sale and they have money to spend. Time to herd them to your website and get them to buy your products.


Up your marketing game

The best way to reach a huge number of people is via email marketing. Send out your emails early and frequently. Vary your email content with different products. Tempt your readers with outrageous discounts and variety of items. Don’t give them a chance to think. When you saturate your audience with enough emails, they will buy from you. Sometimes, all it takes is another email to nudge them to buy something.


Bulk plan promotion for 2019

This year, we here at MailboxValidator want you to do well in your Black Friday & Cyber Monday email marketing campaigns. This is why we have decided to pump up our paid bulk email validation plans by giving you an extra 50% credits at the same price.

What this means is huge savings for yourself. You get to perform massive email marketing campaigns for a lower price than usual. As you can see, we’ve also gotten into the spirit of discounts and sales. Take advantage of our generosity before it’s too late.


Get it before it’s gone

Our Black Friday & Cyber Monday 2019 promotion runs from now till the 3rd December 2019. Come visit us now at MailboxValidator and get yourself a nice fat juicy bulk validation plan. Clean your email list now and watch your email marketing campaigns take your revenue to new heights!

The bigger the bulk plan you purchase, the more savings you will get. Remember what they say. Go big or go home!! This is not the time to be timid. For the biggest sale of the year, you must put in your biggest effort to gain the most profit possible.

Purchase bulk plan now!


Easily clean your ESP lists

If you’re using our list of supported Email Service Providers (ESP), you can just import the list and the cleaned list will be automatically shipped back to your ESP list. No fuss, no mess.

See list of supported ESPs:


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