Year End Holiday Sales 2019 promotion

Year End Holiday Sales 2019 promotion


As the end of 2019 approaches, it’s time to reflect on the ups and downs we’ve gone through this year. As time goes by, we hopefully get wiser and achieved more in our lives. This is also the time to celebrate with friends and families.

Most people will be buying gifts for those nearest and dearest to them to say thanks for being in their lives. Merchants such as yourself should now be gearing up your marketing campaigns to help these people find the perfect gifts for their loved ones.

Time to boost your marketing efforts

The end of the year is a joyous one of celebration and merrymaking. Giving gifts is also a tradition during this period. Put more effort into your marketing campaigns such as social media postings, email campaigns and online advertisements.

Investing in a massive promotional campaign will give you the chance to boost your revenue tremendously. Your efforts will be so worth it when someone finds the right gifts in your store. You’ve just helped your customer to bring happiness to their intended recipients.

Bulk plan promotion for our Year End Holiday Sales 2019

We want to complement your efforts to increase your ROI this holiday season. Cleaning your email marketing list before your mailing campaign is paramount since you are making sure that you only send emails to valid recipients. This means there is a higher chance that your recipients will open and read your marketing content if the emails can actually be delivered.

For our Year End Holiday Sales, when you buy any bulk plans, you will get an additional 50% credits for free. In other words, you should buy the bigger bulk plans as they will come with a greater amount of free credits. We understand that your mailing list could be huge. That’s why we are giving you this free 50% credits to help you achieve your marketing goals at a lower cost than usual.

This promotion will run from the 10th Dec 2019 till the 1st Jan 2020 (UTC time).

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In business, more is always better. More profits, more revenue, more customers, etc. Please take advantage of our promotion to gain more bulk validation credits than what you would normally get.

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