Mailing list aging and reengagement campaign

Intro Let’s assume you have been doing email marketing campaigns for a while and you always practice double opt-in when it comes to your email list. As time goes by, you might notice that your bounce rate is gradually increasing. If you’re using an Email Service Provider (bulk email sending […]

Permission-based email marketing

Intro Permission-based email marketing is also commonly known as double opt-in. The reason it’s called double opt-in is because there are 2 steps involved in obtaining permission to send email to a subscriber. First step is when they sign up for your newsletter or a service on your website. The […]

Advanced MailboxValidator validation features

Intro In addition to the standard email validation results, MailboxValidator has introduced 2 advanced features which will help users make a better decision on which email addresses are valid. The first one is called the MailboxValidator Score while the second is called the Catch-All detection.   MailboxValidator Score MailboxValidator has […]

What is a phishing email?

Intro Phishing is just a pun on the word fishing as the scammer is trying to fish for sensitive data like login details using a bait such as a forged email formatted like the ones sent by a legitimate organization as well as a fake website designed to look exactly […]

Introduction to the MailboxValidator API

Overview The MailboxValidator Single Validation API is an easy to use RESTful API that allows users to programmatically validate a single email address. This is useful for programmers who want to have email validation functionalities in their own programs or websites. If you are unfamiliar with the term RESTful, you […]

How to import email list from MailChimp

MailChimp MailboxValidator’s integration with MailChimp provides users a very simple way to import their email list into MailboxValidator for verification and then return the results back to MailChimp. Getting started First of all, you need to have an account in MailChimp and also MailboxValidator. So head on to the sign […]

Consuming the MailboxValidator API using PHP

What is the MailboxValidator API? The MailboxValidator API is an easy to use RESTful API which allows a registered user to validate a single email address to make sure that the email is valid. Programmers can leverage on this API to validate form entries whenever users sign up for an […]

Configuring DomainKeys Identified Mail

Intro DomainKeys Identified Mail (DKIM) is an email authentication method which allows the recipient of an email to verify that the sender is actually the authorized owner of the domain and is not a spoofed email. This will help detect phishing attempts or spams whereby the sender uses a forged […]

Configuring Sender Policy Framework

Intro Sender Policy Framework (SPF) is simple whitelist of IP addresses that are allowed to send emails for a particular domain. This entails configuring a TXT record in the DNS entries. SPF is one of the ways to reduce spam from forged email addresses. The importance of this feature is […]

Protecting yourself from backscatter spam

Intro Backscatter spam is also known as bounce back spam. The reason it is called bounce back spam is because someone has sent out spam emails by forging your email address as the sender. When the target of the spam does not exist or his spam protection system rejects the […]