What is a disposable email?

What is a disposable email?Intro

Seem like just about every website on Earth requires you to register with your email address to be able to use their services. If you do so and the website operator is dodgy, you could end up being the target of spammers. Then you will have to clear mountains of spams daily.


Purpose of disposable email

If you are forced to register to perform a one-time task like downloading an e-book, you can turn to disposable email providers and get a randomly generated email address. This way, you can still register for the stuff you want (e.g. e-book) and not get saddled with the stuff you definitely don’t want (e.g. spam).


Typical features of a disposable email

While features offered by disposable email providers differ to a certain extent, some of the common features include:

  • Freely available without registration
  • Randomly generated usernames
  • Multiple domains available
  • Expires within a short period of time, from minutes to hours
  • Emails received at the disposable email address are usually publicly viewable on the provider website


What does a disposable email mean for an email marketer?

If you validate your mailing list with MailboxValidator, you will be able to know which emails come from disposable email providers by checking the is_disposable result field. If you see this field is true then you had better remove those emails from your mailing list. It is after all, pointless to send emails to those email addresses if they no longer exist. If you insist on sending emails to those recipients, be prepared for a lot of bounced emails.

If you were using an Email Service Provider (ESP) to perform your email sending, you might even get flagged by them as a potential spammer. In the worst-case scenario, your account with the ESP will be suspended for breaching their terms of use since they generally frown upon spammer-like activities.



Always validate your mailing lists before performing an email marketing campaign. By removing the disposable email addresses from your list, you’ll save yourself a lot of headache as well as keeping your email sending cost down.

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