What makes for a good email?

What makes for a good email
What makes for a good email


Writing good emails that appeal to your readers is paramount to the success of your marketing campaign. You need to be able to entice your recipients to first open and then read your email contents. It is also best if you can encourage them to click on your Call-To-Action button or image as this will directly affect your sales conversion. Below, we’ll outline what constitutes a good email.


Make your subject line interesting and relevant

This is the first thing that all of your readers will encounter when they are scanning their inbox. Remember that you don’t have a monopoly on your readers’ inbox as they could be inundated with 100’s of promotional emails daily. Therefore, you should make your subject line highly compelling to your readers that they are willing to click and read more.

This is not the place to write irrelevant text just to catch their attention. You may be able to con your readers to click on your email once but that’s it. They’ll never bother to read your future emails.


Be personal

Write to your audience as you would a friend. Greet them with their names. Give them contents that are relevant to their interests. This is where list segmentation comes in.

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Highlight important info in your content

If you need to write a lot of text in your email body, try to highlight the important parts with relevant info grouped into easily readable sections. Ideally, your readers should be able to get the gist of your content with a quick scan of the section titles. Then hopefully, they will be intrigued enough to read the section in more details.


Use images whenever possible

Sometimes all you need is an image to sell your product. You can describe a product all you want, but an image can easily show the reader what it’s all about. With the right combination of bright colors, you can grab the attention of the reader to click on the image to learn more.


Call-To-Action should be highly visible

The end goal of your email marketing campaign is to get the readers to click on your image or button (a.k.a. Call-To-Action) to buy your products or to subscribe to your services. Make sure your email contents can display the Call-To-Action (CTA) prominently, no matter the size of the viewing device.

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When you have a good email, you have taken the first step to making your campaign a success. However, you must never forget to clean your mailing list to remove stale or invalid email addresses by using the MailboxValidator bulk validation. The combination of a good email and a cleaned list give you a higher chance to achieve good open and click rates.


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