Effective call-to-action

Effective Call-to-action
Effective Call-to-action


When you email your promotional materials to your mailing list recipients, you want them to take certain actions like visit your website to make a purchase or to sign up for something. To do this, you need to prompt them with call-to-action elements in your email. This can be a button or an image for them to click to achieve said action.


Ways to make your call-to-action more effective


First of all, your call-to-action must be in a prominent location inside your email content. It should be big enough so that your readers will notice it immediately. Don’t hide it among a bunch of other contents.

Then, you need to state clearly what action is required of them. Use action words like below:

  • Sign up now
  • Get started with your free trial
  • Join today
  • Claim your free gift
  • Buy now

Humans have a tendency to procrastinate when it comes to deciding on an action. They need a nudge to help make up their minds. What better way to nudge them than to inspire a sense of urgency. If you see a dynamic counter counting down to the end of the promotional offer, you’ll definitely be more inclined to click on the call-to-action.

With the right use of colors, you can also subconsciously signal the human brain to take action now. That’s why you will usually see the use of red or orange colors in the call-to-action.

In today’s world, your audience more often than not, will be reading their emails on a mobile phone or a tablet. Therefore, a responsive design is very important so that your email content remains readable no matter the device viewing size. This especially applies to the call-to-action which should be big enough and still displayed in a prominent manner so that your end goal of getting your audience to click on that will be accomplished.


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