5 Marketing Strategies to Maximize Holiday Sales

5 Marketing Strategies to Maximize Holiday Sales


It is a well-known fact that the holiday season is great for sales when it comes to sellers of consumer products. Some merchants actually make most of their yearly profit during these times. While brick and mortar shops are still doing roaring trade, more and more people are turning to e-commerce sites like Amazon to quickly and efficiently do their holiday gift shopping. So, if you want to maximize your holiday sales on your online store, there are a few strategies you can employ.

Let’s assume that you operate an online toy store. You should be aware of which toys are currently highly sought after. Highlight these products on your online store so that users can easily find them. This strategy works for all types of products from fashion accessories to the latest electronic gadgets.

Analyze past purchases and past browsing histories

When you analyze purchase and browsing behaviors, you can see patterns like what sort of products are best-selling or which items are your users browsing the most. With these data in mind, you can customize your online store to display the most commonly purchased or browsed products.

Send customized email newsletters

Online merchants should always utilize email newsletters, especially during the holiday season, to promote products based on the 2 earlier strategies. In addition, you can also customize the promotion to the specific user’s purchase and browsing histories. With a carefully curated list of promotional items, there is a higher chance that the user will make a purchase.

Clean your mailing list

Customers change their email addresses all the time so it is vital to clean your email list prior to any email marketing campaign. This ensures that you are maximizing the click-through and open rates while reducing bounce in your email marketing campaign.

Social media engagement

With a large percentage of the population on social media, it would be wise to also reach out to your customers via Facebook posts. Facebook is a good way to showcase key products with the added benefit of having a more interactive environment to get near-instant feedback and communication with your customers.

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