5 Templates for sales follow-up email

Every marketers spending time to built their email list, analyze and study the customers’ behaviors, prepare personalized email content and juicy headline, validate email lists and sent out a dozen sales emails. But who has the time or resources to follow up on every lead? Surprisingly, study found out that nearly half (48%) of sales agents are never following up with their leads at all. The importance of follow-up emails in sales goes far beyond just “checking in.”

Your follow-up emails can educate the prospect about what makes your company different from the competitors by telling them details about the product or service they have expressed interest in. There are a lot of resources out there for creating targeted email lists and you can find hundreds of email templates for your initial outreach emails. We would like to introdunce some.

First Follow Up Email

Many marketers were unable to figure out how to follow up in a way that keeps their prospects moving along after they have shown interest at some stage of the funnel. If you are about to write them the first follow up email, remember, “checking-in” emails don’t work. This standard follow up email isn’t about checking in. We’re trying to accomplish something with each message – whether that be closing a deal, getting a job, or solidifying a new connection. Keep the first sales follow up emails simple, short and useful.

First Follow Up Email


Follow Up Right After A Voicemail

Voicemail and email usually go together. Following a voicemail with a quick email may help to get the attention of the busy person you’ve been trying to reach. By touching your contact in two faculties: the eyes and ears, you double the impact of your message to increase the chances of hearing back. Study said it has an 80% response rate and within 24 hours.

Follow Up Right After A Voicemail


After a Trigger Event

If you are tracking your email marketing campaign, this follow up email could be useful if you notice that a prospect is re-opening your email or proposal – volunteer yourelf as a helpful resource and let the recipient know that you are aware of their potential interest.

Follow Up After a Trigger Event


Appropriate Person for Decision Making?

When you are getting no response from your lead after few outreach or sales meeting, you know that you need a better template for emailing your prospects. At this stage, you have to plan for following up on a lead or initial contact and make your goals clear in the content.

Follow Up Appropriate Person?


Follow Up After Your Follow Ups

Persistence pays off when it comes to sales follow up emails. The first follow up often doesn’t do the trick, so we have to be prepared for all the follow ups thereafter. If we didn’t hear back, wait one week to reply. After that, you may re-send an email or you may requst the “permission to close your file” email.

Follow Up Right After A Voicemail


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