5 Useful ideas to boost your Year End sale

5 Useful ideas to boost your Year End sale


The holiday season is synonymous with gifts and as a merchant you should get into the spirit by having a great sale. Not only is this great for your stock clearance, it’s great public relations to have a huge sale.

You get to impress upon your customers how great your products are and how much savings they will gain at your sale. If you do well, you may gain more new customers as well as retain loyalties of existing ones.


Announce your sale everywhere

Your marketing department should be pulling out all the stops during this period. Social media should be flooded with information about your sale. Tantalize your social media followers with images of discounted goods. Make them lust for the latest gadgets or the fanciest fashionwear. Be sure to highlight how much they can save.

Mailing lists should be validated and cleared of old and stale email addresses. Once you have a lean and clean list, you can then do your email marketing magic. Enchant your readers with beautiful email newsletters heralding the massive sale that you’re having. Emails still command the widest reach of all the mass communication tools at your disposal. It would be foolish if you don’t perform an email marketing campaign for your sale.

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Create a hottest items guide

It is easy to for your customers to be overwhelmed by the sheer number of items on sale. Help them out by listing out what’s hot this season and what products are flying off the shelves. With your guide, they can focus on the good stuff.

Imagine the relief on the faces of your customers who are rushing to grab the trendiest toys for their kids. No need to search high and low. When you make it easy for them to find what they want, your sale numbers will skyrocket.


Give discount vouchers for future purchases

What’s the best way to ensure someone comes back to your store in the future? Lure them with a discount voucher for future purchases if they make any purchases during the sale. With this simple gesture, you warm the hearts of your customers. It shows that you care about their patronage and in return they will always look to you first for any purchases.


Offer free shipping

Offering free shipping may seem counter-intuitive but doing so helps your customers to gain better value for their purchases. They may end up buying more than if you didn’t have free shipping. Free shipping is also a form of customer service.


Reward your existing customers

During every sale, you should remember to thank your existing customers. For without them, your business would be nothing. Email them a special thank you voucher for them to use at your sale. Either offer them additional discounts or throw in a limited-edition free gift with every purchase using those vouchers.



Following the above ideas, you will definitely see a big increase in your sale revenue. It’s often the little things that make all the difference. Take good care of your customers and they’ll do the same to you.

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