Address cart abandonment with an email campaign


Every e-commerce website has issues with cart abandonment. This is whenever a customer is browsing the website and has added a few items to their virtual shopping cart. But for some reason, they never go through to the checkout stage of the purchasing process.


Common reasons for cart abandonment

  • Technical issues – If the website has errors during the checkout such as a database or programming error, problems with the network or even with the web server itself, this will disrupt the checkout.
  • Checkout process took too long – If the checkout process involves filling in a lot of data before purchase can be made, this may discourage the customer from completing the process. The session may also have timed out during this long period.
  • Distraction – Life is full of distractions. Customers might just be distracted by kids, work, etc. It’s easy to forget that you haven’t actually purchased anything yet.
  • Keep in view for later checkout – Customers might plan to KIV the items in the cart for checkout at a later date.


Sending an email campaign to check on the issue

Whatever the reasons for the cart abandonment, it is best to reach out to the customers with an email campaign. Highlight what they have in their carts and gently remind them to continue with the checkout.

Let them know that if they have encountered any difficulties during the checkout such as a technical problem or whether the process is too hard, they should reply to the email for help. Help them to sort out any issues. If the customers comment that it takes too long or the checkout is too complicated, a website redesign is in order.


No response from the email recipients

If the customers do not respond to the emails, it is good to resend the emails at certain intervals like daily for a few days. After all, emails may get redirected into the spam folder for some reason so re-sending is a good strategy to show you care.

After the first couple of emails, it is worth to consider giving incentives to the customers to complete their purchases. Some customers may appreciate a discount voucher for future purchases. Others may like free shipping.



With this sort of campaigns, customer service plays a key role. Any email replies from the customers should be treated with top priority. Help them to resolve any and all issues that might be standing in the way of a successful purchase.

After all, a satisfied customer means a repeat customer. This will help you to grow your business even more.


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