Effective email marketing on a low budget

Effective email marketing on a low budget


During challenging times, your marketing budget will be reduced for sure. This does not mean that you can’t perform email marketing effectively. All you need to do is to follow the items mentioned below.


Clean your mailing list

We can’t stress this enough. One of the most important cost-saving measures is to make sure your email list is cleaned by an email validation service such as MailboxValidator. Every email you send out incurs a cost.

If the email address is no longer active, what would be the point of sending anything to that address? With regular cleaning, you can maximize your return on investment (ROI) on your email sending costs.


Relevant and interesting contents

When you send out emails, make sure your email contains content that will excite, educate and interest your audience. You do not have to be sending out promotional emails all the time. Sharing relevant articles or blog entries for your industry can be useful to your readers. Learn to use infographics to convey facts and figures so that you can easily educate and share knowledge.



No, you do not need fancy artificial intelligence (A.I.) or machine learning to do this. It can be as simple as addressing your readers by their names in the email. If you’ve received email newsletters before, you would surely hate to be addressed as “Dear User” or “Dear Valued Customer”. That is so robotic and unpleasant.

Before sending out your email newsletter, read it back to yourself. Does it sound like you are talking to a person? If not, rewrite it to sound like you’re talking to your friend. By sounding like a friend, you get to build trust with your customers.


List segmentation

Allow your mailing list recipients to choose what topics interest them the most. This helps to segment them into various categories in your mailing list. If the users are interested in fashion, only send them fashion related stuff. The same goes for the other categories in your list.

When someone likes to read about a certain topic, you can be sure they’ll eagerly await your emails about such things. This helps to improve your open and click rates. Eventually, this will help with your sales conversion.



The above may sound simple but they can lay a solid foundation for your future marketing success. It won’t cost much to implement all that we’ve mentioned above and soon you’ll reap the rewards.



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