Enhancing email marketing with artificial intelligence

Enhancing email marketing with artificial intelligence


Artificial intelligence (A.I.) is a technology commonly used these days from banks to e-commerce sites. A.I. depends on machine learning which analyses tons of data to predict behaviors and trends. What goes in is information about customers’ browsing and purchasing histories. Out comes predictions about what else might interest the customers.


Marketing without A.I.

Without A.I. and machine learning, it would be super tedious to manually look through thousands of customers’ browsing histories to know what they like. The best you can probably do is segment your customers into broad categories such as tech gadget fans, fashionable crowd, etc. when it comes to your mailing list. This can work to a certain degree if you don’t have many products or large numbers of customers.


A.I. powered marketing

When you make A.I. an integral part of your marketing arsenal, suddenly a whole new world opens up to you. A.I. can constantly monitor your customers’ browsing and purchases without any effort on your part. Every customer now has a personal profile of what interests them and their purchasing budget.

Based on their previous browsing of certain items, you can also infer that they might be interested in related products. E.g. If a customer is browsing a selection of flat screen TVs, it makes sense that they could also be looking for a good sound system to go with that TV.

E-commerce sites also use A.I. to monitor which items are trending. The hottest items for the season can have their prices increased automatically due to rising demands.


How to leverage A.I. in your email campaign

Now that you know the preferences of every customer, your email marketing content should be tailored accordingly. Knowing what they browsed recently, you can highlight similar products in your email newsletters.

Analysis of previous purchases can often yield useful data. Items previously purchased can show the categories of products that would most likely be purchased again. The price point at which the products were purchased can hint at the budget of that customer. If the item was purchased at a discount, future optimal discount amount or percentage can be deduced.

With such data at your disposal, you can cobble together a highly personalized marketing email for that particular customer. When presented with desirable items, either priced attractively or given a certain discount, the customer will most likely make a purchase.



Artificial intelligence helps a merchant peer into the minds of their customers. It is not perfect but it is a huge improvement over doing things the old-fashioned way. By leveraging the power of A.I., you can potentially increase your open and click rates many-fold to vastly boost your earnings.

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