How to generate leads by cold emailing

How to generate leads by cold emailing

Cold email marketing is a method for reaching out to potential prospects who merely know you or your company through emails. Cold emailing is one of the least used methods of networking because most people don’t know how to manage the campaign with a prospect who have no prior connection. Cold emails have greater chances of helping new and existing companies to acquire customer quickly in a low-cost way.

For a hot prospect, breaking through with a cold email is tough. Most of the recipients tend to delete the email immediately right after they have received it because they treat it as spam. There are few things to keep in mind when writing and sending your cold emails to make sure our emails get delivered to the place we want them to be delivered – that is our prospect’s main inbox and we will discuss this later. But before this, good practices such as how to clean email and how to structure your email are pretty much important. Let’s see what are the five suggestions that we should care about in order to get high deliverability when planning a cold email marketing.

Write a compelling subject

Your subject line and first line of the content are the first thing recipients see in their inbox. Put some effort to pair them well and they can work wonders for your open rates. Without a compelling subject line, your email campaign is most likely going nowhere as most of the recipient will most likely ignore the whole email. This line is something you don’t want to mess up with; it means everything to your new prospect. For the subject to be compelling, You need to be precise, honest and respectful. Remember, you don’t know each other yet.

Research your email list and recipient

The key to getting a response to your email is to put yourself in the recipient’s shoes and tailor your email accordingly. Make your recipients feel appreciated and respected by doing simple background research about them, their website or their company. Once you find out more, you can get a sense of what their personal and professional interests are. Then, mention them in association with respected brand name to get their interest to read more.

Make it short but informative

The same thing as with the subject line, make the body of your email short and precise. Make the email three to fours sentences long and at most five. Keep the email incredibly focused by picking a goal that leaves the reader in no doubt what their next step is. If you ask for multiple things, you’ll get nothing. Ask for one thing, and you and are much more likely to get what you want. One email, one outcome. Too much persuasion would indicate desperation and nobody will be interested in doing business with a desperate person.

Avoid too many images and call to action buttons

Remember, you don’t know each other before. Don’t use full image as your email content and don’t use images at the top of your email. You may be surprised, but avoid using call to action buttons and html images in the email. This is a clear indicator that it is a sales email. It is advisable to use one image inside of each email and people are more likely to click an image as opposed to a text link.

Make sure to follow up

Studies have shown that most leads from cold emails materialise after the follow-up. Lack of a response the first time does not mean that you should move on. Maybe the recipient hadn’t given it much thought. After three days or after a week make sure to send a friendly reminder to any unresponded email with a message seeking their response.

Last but not least, remember to make sure that your email list is clean and valid before sending out your email. It is well known as email hygiene or a method to verify emails that helps to lower the bounce rate, in determining whether or not an email is bad email address.

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