How to Generate Sales in Holiday Seasons Using Email Marketing

How to Generate Sales in Holiday Seasons Using Email Marketing

In this article, we would like to generate ideas to marketers on how to generate sales in holiday seasons using email marketing. The traditional direct mail marketing has now evolved into what we now call email marketing. This is where a company sends commercial messages to the targeted group of people.

These people are consumers who leave their details when they subscribe to product updates or newsletters. This is a low-cost marketing strategy that only needs graphics, content, and links. Past results are useful, but you can use new ideas when brainstorming.

Why Email Marketing Important in Holiday Season Sales

An effective direct email marketing is the one that allows you to reach prospects who are interested in your product or else it may end up as spam. Holidays are the busiest times in the year, so you can reach thousands of potential customers anywhere and anytime because they have needs. Holiday season sales meet the consumers’ right at home when they have free time to go through your content. Know your holiday calendar, plan for your mobile-friendly emails and segment your email list based on interests, past purchases, buying frequency, gender, and geography information.


5 Examples or Ideas to Entice Customer in Email Marketing

Personalize your subject line with powerful keywords

Make your email marketing campaign stand out by using creativity and subject lines to entice your shoppers. You need a good copywriter to help you personalize these lines to grab the attention of the targeted audience. These subject lines should be short, show gratitude, be sales driven and relate to the holiday; Use questions to generate more attention. The ideal length of your subject line will be 32-40 characters.


Make smarter content and plan promotions

Focus on writing the content after you have defined your target audience and email list. To create urgency, use the first sentence to share important information in the shortest and clear way possible. It is in this section where you create an offer where your targeted audience cannot resist. Share your timely offers, guide, tips and guarantees and do not forget to send them your limited-time of deals. Try short and straight to the point.


Interesting visual

The holiday spirit is always evoked by photos. Your content shouldn’t just be a jumble of text. Think about how you can provide visual context for your offer and how you can inspire your targeted audience by creating a visual appeal. Share pictures of the products or services you are selling with a person or people inside who appear to be in a happy holiday mood- capture your sincere customer with a smile. You can use emojis to make you appear more friendly and competent.


Making your copy engaging by using graphics and text can impress the receiver, but you call for action by posting a link or “Buy Now” button on the email that directs the person to the website- makes it easier for the prospect. Adding in calls to action in your emails help you to learn what type of content drives the most opens, clicks, or purchases so that you can plan your email marketing campaign in the future. Remember, the call to action button should be obvious so that it compels subscribers to click them.


The right timing to send your holiday

Holiday campaigns, like all campaigns, typically run for a concentrated period of time. A well-planned email marketing will ensure every email that you have sent to hit the inbox at the right time. Make sure you marked the right dates on your calendar. Sending timely emails during major shopping days is a great way to drive holiday sales and delight customers.

Clean Email List Before Sending

Last but not least, your emails should be safe to send or else they will end up in the spam folder. you do not want to be banned by your email Service Provider after being labelled as a spammer. Use reliable third-party service providers to validate your email list- remove bounce and bad email addresses. Others would do email follow-ups to see if they were delivered. Retain a list of customer emails who have an interest in your products or services will help in delivering better results.


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