Importance of sending follow up emails

Importance of sending follow up emails


Sending follow up emails is not something that everyone practices but it can be a very powerful tool to establish a closer relationship with your email recipients. By sending a follow up email, you demonstrate that you care about the recipient’s experience with your products or services.


Getting feedbacks to improve products and services

Most e-commerce websites will send a follow up email after you have purchased something from them. In the email, they may ask you to answer a few questions regarding your experience when using their website to browse and purchase an item. This gives the recipient a chance to give an honest opinion on anything that is below their expectations and also allows for suggestions on how to improve.

The replies collected from these follow up emails are vital to improving the long term relationship between the merchant and the customer. Address the concerns laid out by the customer and you will get a loyal customer in return.


Checking on abandoned cart

It is normal for customers to add an item to the website cart and then forget to checkout or they have just changed their minds. In either cases, this is an opportunity to reach out to them via a follow up email to see if they need help to continue with the checkout process. Often they will resume the checkout process when prompted if they did forget to checkout earlier. Sometimes, the customers may have experienced a technical error when trying to checkout. So it’s quite important to follow up with customers who have items queued up in their carts.


Onboarding potential customers

Follow up emails are most vital to sales and marketing personnel who are trying to onboard new customers. Fierce competitions between companies with similar products mean that what might differentiate your company from the rest is how you reach out and connect with the potential customers. Use the follow up emails to establish a rapport with the prospect and also to address any concerns they may have. Doing this will likely give you an edge over the competition.

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