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Your goal in email marketing is to get your recipients to actually read what you send them. To that end, you must not make it hard for them to read your content. Humans naturally will lose interest when something is hard to read like a wall of text. After the first few lines, it just gets too tedious for anyone to continue reading. When your readers lose interest, your marketing campaign will take a nosedive.

Interesting and concise headline

The very first thing that your readers will see is your headline or the subject of your email. In this case, less is more. If you go with a long and bombastic subject, nobody will read your email for sure. What you need is something interesting but short enough so that a quick glance is sufficient to tell them what your email is all about.

Keep your content body simple

Bear in mind that you are not writing a thesis. Don’t use big words. That tends to scare normal people. Don’t use long sentences when a short one can get the message through. Use more active voice in your sentences instead of passive voice.

Example of active voice:

James wrote that best-selling novel.

Example of passive voice:

That best-selling novel was written by James.

Select the right font

San-serif fonts like Arial and Verdana have been proven to improve readability on devices of varying size. They are also available on most devices so displaying them won’t be an issue. Your readers’ eyes will not tire so easily when they read text in san-serif fonts.

Line & word spacing

Do not neglect to check your line and word spacing. These can have a big impact on your email readability. As a general rule, sticking to a line spacing of 1.5 time the size of your font should ease the flow of reading. Try not to exceed 10 words per line so as not to tire out the reader’s eyes.

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