Increase Holiday Sales with These Social Media Marketing Tips

Increase Holiday Sales with These Social Media Marketing Tips


These days, word of mouth has been replaced with social media sharing. The ability for your promotional products to go viral on social media should not be underestimated. The idea is to get your audience to share with their friends as well as friends of their friends. Pretty soon, your sales will skyrocket without much effort.


Give incentives to share & like Facebook posts

Post your promotional items on Facebook and then invite your users to like and share to their friends. Most will share willingly if you are posting about a popular item being discounted. To get more users to share and like, you can give them incentives like further discounts or additional free accessories if the number of shares and likes exceed a certain amount.


Conduct flash sales

A popular marketing tool these days is the use of flash sales. What this means is that you have a small selection of items which are heavily discounted for a very short period of time, usually a few hours long. This form of marketing usually go viral on Facebook as most users will have the fear of missing out (FOMO) on a great deal. Shares and likes for these types of Facebook posts are usually quite high which helps increase your sales.


Social media sharing via email newsletters

Even when doing social media marketing, don’t forget about the humble email newsletter. Sending email newsletters are a great way to get people to share promotions and other offers you may have. You can also embed social media buttons into your emails. This way, the recipient can easily share your promotions to their Facebook friends if they find your promotional items interesting.


Respond to social media user’s queries and comments

Social media allows you to interact with your customers in a responsive manner. Users often will ask questions about products or request help with their purchase. Remember to respond promptly and in a helpful manner to assist them to successfully complete their purchase. The right response could mean the difference between them buying from you or from your competitors.

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