Increase website traffic with email marketing

Increase website traffic with email marketingIntro

Email marketing is a wonderful tool if you know how to make full use of it. One of the best uses of email marketing is when you have a new product to launch. Not everyone has time to scroll through their social media to view promotional items but emails when done well, can attract the reader’s attention enough to click on the Call-To-Action. The added bonus is that email can be viewed at the reader’s leisure. Below, we’ll cover how to be more effective at email marketing.


Tip #1: Have separate landing pages for every email campaign

You should have a clear marketing objective in mind every time you perform an email marketing campaign. Focus on one product or a small group of related products. Both your email content and the custom landing page should cover the same products.

The reason you should not deviate from this is that your reader has clicked on a specific product to view more about that item. Imagine their surprise to be redirected to your main website with no sign of the very thing they wish to view and perhaps purchase.


Tip #2: Email content should have a responsive design

To engage younger audience, you should ensure your email content displays nicely even in mobile devices. You cannot deny that mobile readers are a big part of every mailing list. Hence, you must cater to them. The most important part is your Call-To-Action which should feature prominently even when viewed on mobile devices.


Tip #3: Segregate your readers by interest

When you send your reader only the things they are interested in, you will have a higher open rate and click rate. Learn what your readers like and use that to drive your website traffic.


Tip #4: Make sure you perform double opt-in when building your mailing list

For best ROI, you need to ensure that everyone on your email list actually wishes to receive marketing material from you. If you do that, you can be sure that you will maximize your open & click rates.


Bonus Tip: Clean your mailing list before any campaign

Even a double opt-in list can become stale over time. This is normal as users change emails or lose access to their original emails. By running your email list through the MailboxValidator bulk validation service, you can filter out any email addresses that are no longer active.

Are you aware that inactive email addresses are sometimes repurposed by the email provider as spam honeypot? If you send an email to one of those, you will get marked as a spammer. So, do yourself and your campaign a favour. Clean your list before sending.


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