Optimal Email Newsletter Sending Frequency

Optimal Email Newsletter Sending Frequency
Optimal Email Newsletter Sending Frequency


Whenever you send out email newsletters, you want to maximize your open & click-through rates. This means you want your recipients to actually read your email contents and then click on a link in the email. Higher open & click-through rates means higher earnings for you as more website visitors usually equate to higher revenue.


Not good to send emails too frequently

Aren’t you afraid of annoying your email subscribers with too many email marketing newsletters? You should be, as you may end up losing your readers either through them unsubscribing or worse still, they may mark you as a spammer. Anyone who has had to wade through hundreds of emails each day will know the struggle to clear the backlog.


How to determine how often to send newsletters?

A good way to start is to ask yourself. Chances are, you have similar tolerance levels as most of your subscribers when it comes to reading tons of emails. So, start off with your own preferred frequency to receive emails. Then send out emails to a small subset of your subscribers as a testing ground based on your initial frequency.


Determine the best frequency for sending newsletters

After sending a few rounds of newsletters, check your open and click-through rates. If your rates are below the average industry rates, you are probably sending the newsletters too frequently. Increase the time between mailings and repeat the process. Eventually, you’ll reach a number that is optimal for your target audience while still maintaining your brand awareness among your subscribers.


Do it the old-fashioned way

Another alternative to know the optimal frequency is just to ask your subscribers. Let them choose how often they wish to receive an email from you. This is probably the best way to please most of your subscribers.

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