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When you’re out in public today, take a look around. Chances are you will see people with their eyes glued to their mobile devices. People today are addicted to their mobile phones. They do almost everything on their phones these days due the convenience of having the phone with them all the time. This means they are more likely to read any emails they receive on their phones versus on their computers.


How does this affect me as an email marketer?

Used to be that we just craft a beautiful email with loads of eye-catching graphics and then just send them out to our mailing list. Nowadays, there is an additional step you need to consider. How would my beautiful email newsletter look on a mobile device with a small screen? Check your own newsletter on your mobile phone. Did you find it tedious to scroll up and down as well as sideways to be able to see your email content fully?

If your answer is yes, then you have a big problem. You need to learn the meaning of a responsive design when it comes to your email newsletter. A response design means the email content is able to automatically adjust the display and adapt for viewing on any devices regardless of the screen size. If you don’t have a response design, your readers on mobile devices will no longer enjoy your email content fully.


How do I turn my email newsletter into a responsive design?

Responsive design entails making 2 or more designs in a single email. One design is the full-sized email that is shown whenever your audience views it in a computer. This one is basically what you already have. Often people will stick with just 2 designs so you can get away with doing that too.

The 2nd second is one where you need to adjust the size of your fonts and images to fit into the screen of a mobile device. You will need to add some codes to your email CSS to adjust these whenever the screen size is below a certain threshold.


Help, I’m scared of coding and messing things up

If you’re not willing to mess around with the nitty-gritty codes to adjust your email content, you can easily look for responsive email templates online. The easier alternative would be to use the services of Email Service Providers (ESP). They will usually have some responsive templates ready to use and they’ll handle the email sending part as well. The additional benefit of using an ESP is that you can also track how well your responsive design works by tracking your open rate and click rates.



The changes in technology dictate that we must follow suit or be left behind. Make sure your email content is following the responsive design doctrine and you’ll reap the benefits of better engagement with your readers.


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