Perform A/B testing on email campaign for better conversion

Perform A/B testing on email campaign for better conversionIntro

Even if you have a big mailing list, you may not get high open rate and click-through rate. To get the best possible rates and to increase your conversions, you need to perform A/B testing on your email campaign content.


What is A/B testing?

In A/B testing, you are grouping a small subset of your mailing list recipients into 2 groups. Each group will be sent a different email content design. Based on the click-through rate, you can then determine which design elicit a higher response rate from your audience.


During the A/B testing, you can do the following in your email content:

  • Vary your subject line. Try out passive sounding titles as well as titles tinged with a sense of urgency. Avoid sounding spammy because most people are conditioned to mark an email as spam at the slightest hint that they are reading a spam email.
  • Experiment with different color schemes. Studies have shown that different colors will evoke different responses from the readers. For instance, red could be interpreted as a sign of danger. Obviously, you won’t want to alarm your audience unnecessarily. Less intense colors such as blue may be interpreted in a more positive manner.
  • Images can play a big role in getting your message across. Some readers will respond to well placed product images while others may be susceptible to images of the products in action. Imagine you’re selling wines. In the A case, you can display images of the bottles of wines that you are selling. Meanwhile, in the B case, you can show a scene where a bunch of fun-loving folks are having a great time catching up over some wine.
  • The most important of all is the Call-To-Action (CTA) in your email. You want the readers to click on this button, link or image to go to your website. The previous 3 points are relevant to the CTA. You can try out whether an image or a button will be able to get the readers to click on it. Even a link with text urging them to click can be effective under certain circumstances.



Ultimately, you want to find out what works best with your group of readers. Everyone has different taste and will respond differently to various design changes. But if done right, A/B testing can help you to maximize the number of readers that click on your CTA. When you can get your click-through rate to a high enough level, your rate of conversion will soon follow suit.


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