Practice EDM to achieve your marketing goals

Practice EDM to achieve your marketing goals


Electronic Direct Mail (EDM) is an enhanced form of email marketing. While normal email marketing just relies on email newsletters to send your mailing list promotional contents, EDM does a whole lot more. It utilizes other marketing channels such as social media, SMS, offline ads, remarketing & PPC campaigns.

How to start with EDM marketing?

As with email marketing, you first start your EDM marketing by building your mailing list. Be sure to do this via double opt-in to comply with privacy regulations such as the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Segment your list

When performing EDM marketing, the targeted approach is what you need to focus on. Therefore, your mailing list must be segmented into various categories such as demographics, purchase behavior, browsing activities, email open & click rates.

Types of newsletters

One of the goals of EDM is to boost our branding and cultivate customer loyalty. Here are some types of newsletters to help achieve that.

  • New product launches
  • Tips and guides
  • Sale notifications
  • Exclusive promotions
  • News & events

The idea is to give the readers something that they actually want to read. This helps with building your relationship with the customers. By sending them relevant or useful materials, you will be making life easier for the readers. Doing this on a regular basis, reinforces your branding in the minds of your customers which keep your customers loyal to you.

Social media campaigns

As we’ve mentioned at the top, EDM differs from the normal email marketing as we go the extra steps to engage with the customers. With a permission-based list, you can link your mailing list recipients to their social media accounts to promote your products and services via ads on said platforms.

Remarketing campaigns

Once you have integrated your social media campaigns into your EDM marketing, it makes good business sense to extend that with remarketing campaigns. Leveraging the power of remarketing tools, you can expand your ads across multiple websites to increase exposure for your brand and products.


Using the various channels available in an EDM marketing campaign, it is easy to grow your branding and increase the trust that your customers have in your products. Knowing and trusting your brand is key to fostering a close relationship with your customers to boost your sales.

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