Quick checklist to improve email deliverability

Quick checklist to improve email deliverability


There are many factors that will affect your email deliverability so always remember to run through the list below before you commence any email marketing campaign. If you use the checklist below, you can minimize your bounce rate and save costs on your email sending.


Keep it double opt-in all the way

Never buy your mailing list. As tempting as it is, there is a very bad ROI on this strategy as you will definitely not be the first person to purchase this list nor will you be the first person to spam this list. So, it’s safe to say your bought list is a hot potato.

If you insist on using it, you’ll just hurt your reputation and also waste your money as sending emails to potential spam traps is a good way to get banned pretty quickly. Always keep it double opt-in even if that takes a lot more effort.

Read more: https://www.mailboxvalidator.com/resources/articles/understanding-the-concept-of-opt-in/


Respect unsubscribe requests

As much as it hurts to lose subscribers, it’s an inevitable part of email marketing so just accept their decisions and move on. Don’t bother to send them emails again. This way, you won’t be damaging your sender reputation by acting like a spammer.


Keep your subject line relevant to what’s in your email content

Don’t use deceptive subjects. Make sure it’s relevant to your email content. If you try to fool your readers, you can only do so a limited number of times before they press the spam button to mark you as a spammer.


Maintain good list hygiene

Always validate your list before every campaign to weed out the stale emails. Don’t waste time and money sending emails to email addresses that are no longer valid. MailboxValidator can help validate your list quickly with minimal fuss so you can get going with your marketing campaign.

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Check if you have been blacklisted

Always check if your mail server is in any blacklists before sending. If yes, perform the necessary steps to delist your server IP. Otherwise, your emails will definitely not get through.


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