Sense of Urgency in Email Campaign to Boost Sales

Sense of Urgency in Email Campaign to Boost Sales
Sense of Urgency in Email Campaign to Boost Sales


Sending out promotional emails as part of of your sales campaign will no doubt help to boost your sales numbers a lot. But your audience are humans and by nature fickle-minded. Some may take their sweet time to compare prices among competing online merchants while others will keep postponing their purchase decisions in the hopes of a better deal in the near future. The longer the customers take to make up their minds, the higher the chances that they may talk themselves out of making a purchase.


Give customers a nudge by incorporating a sense of urgency in your email

This is where psychology comes into play. We will appeal to their fear of missing out (FOMO) by having a deadline for purchasing the items which are on sale. Highlight the fact that after the deadline, the prices will be a lot higher. With an urgent call to action right in the email content, they can’t help but feel the pressure to make a decision quickly.


Make it more effective with a dynamic countdown clock

If you want to increase the urgency factor, throw in a dynamic countdown clock in your email. When they see the number of hours and minutes ticking down, their minds will be in a take action mode. It’s akin to having time running out when you are back in school taking an exam. We have all been conditioned to act fact whenever there is a countdown going on.


Throw in a deal sweetener

You can make the deal sweeter by giving out free items with every purchase before the deadline. This is a common tactic to make the customers think that by buying now, they are getting even better value for their money. Let’s face it, who doesn’t love scoring a great deal and getting free stuff as well. That appeals to everyone’s inner child for sure.


Offer free delivery

Considering the shipping costs that some online merchants charge for big or hefty items, being able to save on that can be a huge factor to make someone decide to finally splurge on that big-ticket item. Add that to the urgency equation and you will surely see a huge boost in your sales as customers rush to make their purchases before time runs out.


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