Strategies for higher customer retention

Strategies for higher customer retention


Attracting new customers is great for growing your business but for true business longevity, you also need to focus on customer retention. Do not underestimate the power of repeat customers. They are the ones who actually make or break your business.

This article will delve into some of the strategies you should employ if you wish to have a high customer retention rate. By following these strategies, you will definitely be able to take your business to a higher plane.


Keeping track of customer’s browsing and purchasing histories

E-commerce websites invest a lot of time and resources to keep track of what their customers have purchased, what items they have browsed recently and so on. This data is then put to good use by providing the customer with a more customized shopping experience on the website. The categories of products that they normally purchase should feature more prominently to make it easier for the customer to get to what they want.


Personalized marketing emails

No matter how big your website, you should always endeavor to form a close and personal bond with your customers. Whenever you send them promotional emails, you should use their names and show them only items that they have previously shown interest in. There is a higher chance that they will make a purchase via this direct purchase link as they don’t have to wade through countless items on your website.

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Reward your regular customers

Your customers need to feel good about purchasing from you. If they buy regularly from you, you should give them something back. You could send them discount voucher codes to use for purchases from your website. Or let them accumulate loyalty points to be redeemed for other goods later on. Either way, you’ll inculcate customer loyalty towards your brand or your website which translates into repeated purchases.



When you make it easier for your customers to find and buy what they want, they would not go elsewhere for their needs and wants. Coupled with a loyalty reward scheme, you’ll definitely see your customer retention rate go up.


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