Top 5 strategies to improve email open rate

Top 5 strategies to improve email open rate


Email open rate affects your click rate, which in turn will affects your sales conversions. That’s why you need to improve your email open rate. Bring your open rate up and your revenue will follow suit. In this article, we’ll share 5 top strategies that you can employ to improve your email open rate.


Make sure your emails don’t bounce

Before your email can do its job of convincing the reader to buy something, it has to reach the intended audience. By running your email list through the MailboxValidator bulk validation service, you can automatically remove stale and unreachable emails as well as disposable ones. The result is a clean list that you can use for your email marketing campaign. With a freshly validated mailing list, you can keep your bounce rate to a minimum.


Emails should be reaching your recipients

Alright, assuming you’ve done the above, your emails should be landing in your recipients’ inboxes. In rare cases, your emails may bounce due to your content being flagged or your mail server being blacklisted.

Read more about bounces due to such cases.


Fight for your readers’ attention

Imagine you are at a rock concert and there are thousands of people there. Try and find a particular person. Nearly impossible, right? That’s the same with your readers’ inboxes. Some people may receive hundreds of emails per day with legitimate emails mingled with marketing emails or other forms of spam. They are not going to read every single email. Just a glance at the subject of the email and it’s either to the trash or the spam folder in most cases.

To keep from suffering the fate of most emails, your subject header should be interesting. With one look, it must grab the readers’ attention and convey what the email content is about. The person reading must want to click in and read more. That’s the power of an interesting and attention-grabbing headline.


Awesome content matters

Once you get someone to click into the email, reward them with awesome content. Could be the launch of a new product or a big sale with all items priced to go. Your content can also include articles to teach your audience something new. As long as it holds their attention, you’ve done well for this phase. If your content is consistently interesting and fresh, people are going to keep that in mind. It will become habitual for them to always read your emails.


Make your Call-To-Actions stand out

Remember your ultimate goal is sales conversion. This means clickable elements such as links, images or buttons in your emails must be prominently placed for the reader to click. You want them to read more at your website or to purchase straightaway. A well-designed email content with Call-To-Actions (CTAs) in appropriate places will definitely boost your click rate and help your sales numbers boom.




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