Optimize Call-To-Action buttons to boost conversions

Optimize Call-To-Action buttons to boost conversionsIntro

Call-To-Action (CTA) buttons are at the heart of all great email marketing campaigns. How you craft your CTA buttons will determine your level of success in your campaigns. The main purpose of these buttons is to entice your readers to perform actions such as subscribing to your mailing list or making a purchase on your website.


What is a Call-To-Action button?

The Call-To-Action button can be an actual button or a link which tells your readers what action they should take. An image could also form part of the button or link. When you create your email marketing content, you must keep the design of the CTA button at the top of your mind. The very goal of your marketing campaign is to get the audience to click on that button. When they do click on the button, your goal of getting them to sign up for something or to purchase something is a step closer to reality. Hence, the placement and design of the Call-To-Action can increase your conversions if done well.


How to optimize the CTA button?

  • Highlight the potential benefits of clicking the button. If you’re selling weight-loss supplements, you could use text like “Lose weight now” which is a great way to encourage the reader to achieve his goal of losing weight by clicking on the CTA button.
  • Give a sense of urgency. This works best with products that are on sale for a short period of time. Having your button show “Buy at 50% off just for today!” would definitely get the juices flowing in the minds of your audience as they scramble to click and buy immediately. Fear of losing out on a sale is a very strong motivator to click and one we can use to our marketing advantage.
  • Have multiple CTA buttons, each with a slight variation on your action message, placed in strategic positions throughout your email content. A good example is if you’re marketing books on investment techniques. For your first CTA, you can use “Yes, I want to make more money”. If that doesn’t make the reader click the CTA, next you can try “Retire by the time you’re 30”. After that, you can go with “Spend more time with your family”. Each message appeals to a different outlook of the person reading. We first appeal to their need for financial security. Failing that, we tell them there’s more to life than work. Finally, we hint at the limited time they have to spend with their family.



Used properly, CTAs can boost your conversions and help to grow your business even more. To make sure you get the best return on investment (ROI), you should perform A/B testing on your marketing content.



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