What is a disposable email?

Intro Seem like just about every website on Earth requires you to register with your email address to be able to use their services. If you do so and the website operator is dodgy, you could end up being the target of spammers. Then you will have to clear mountains […]

What is a catch-all email?

Intro If you have used MailboxValidator’s email validation service before, you would have noticed a result field called is_catchall which states if the email address being validated is a catch-all email or not. So, you might be wondering what is a catch-all email? Is it a good thing or a […]

Understanding email marketing metrics

Intro If you’re serious about email marketing, you will be using the services of an Email Service Provider (ESP). The reason for this is so that you can easily keep track of various metrics that can be used to determine the level of your marketing campaign success. We will explain […]

How to import email list from Constant Contact

Constant Contact MailboxValidator’s integration with Constant Contact provides users a very simple way to import their email list into MailboxValidator for verification and then return the results back to Constant Contact. Getting started First of all, you need to have an account in Constant Contact and also MailboxValidator. So head […]

Effective call-to-action

Intro When you email your promotional materials to your mailing list recipients, you want them to take certain actions like visit your website to make a purchase or to sign up for something. To do this, you need to prompt them with call-to-action elements in your email. This can be […]

Fixing your email sender reputation

Intro Being an email marketer, your ROI depends on your emails reaching your intended audience. This will not happen when you have a bad email sender reputation.   Email sender reputation Email sender reputation is a score based on either your mail server’s domain name or its IP address. It […]