How to use MailboxValidator to validate email in Make?

Introduction Make is a workflow automation platform that allows users to connect their apps and automate their tasks. Users can freely connect any apps that they are using currently with other services that are available in Make. By doing so, they can easily share and sync the data between those […]

How to block invalid email sign up in LiteCart

Undeniably, online shopping has become a trend nowadays. People are busy with their jobs, hence they do not have enough personal time to shop outside. As a result, online shopping is now more convenient for them. Sellers are also choosing to conduct their businesses through the web. This is because […]

How to block invalid email sign up in MyBB?

There are many forums available online for people to share their thoughts or interests. Most of the forums will require the visitors to register first before joining in the discussions. However, the forum admins may not be aware that the default member registration system is insecure. This is because the […]

New way to sync your email list

In today, email marketing is becoming one of the essential steps that every merchant will consider to take on. A successful email marketing campaign will not only be able to increase awareness of your product, but it will also help to improve the conversion rate. To ensure that your email […]

Effective email marketing on a low budget

Intro During challenging times, your marketing budget will be reduced for sure. This does not mean that you can’t perform email marketing effectively. All you need to do is to follow the items mentioned below.   Clean your mailing list We can’t stress this enough. One of the most important […]

How to block invalid email sign up in OpenCart?

Introduction In today, more and more people are doing their shopping online. As a result, the eCommerce platforms are growing rapidly. Sellers can choose to start their business on some famous online eCommerce platforms, for example Amazon or eBay. Also, there are some open source shopping cart systems, for example […]

COVID-19 emails DOs and DON’Ts

Intro With no sign of the COVID-19 pandemic ending any time soon, websites and businesses are busy sending out emails regarding the virus. Before you join the crowd and start sending out similar emails, you need to consider what your audience is going through. Most of them are scared and […]

How to define email marketing ROI

Intro Email marketing remains a key part of any marketing effort, perhaps even more important than social media marketing. Due to the simple fact that everyone would likely have at least 1 email address, email marketing should not be ignored if you wish to achieve good returns on your investment […]